Top 10 Cleaning Mistakes You Should Stop Making

December 23, 2017 by admin

By Shyrell

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Cleaning is a mildly tedious task not everyone loves.  To make cleaning a lot easier, it is a big help if we know what to avoid doing.  Here are the top 10 cleaning mistakes you should stop making to make your life easier:

Not using protective gloves when cleaning

Your skin absorbs easily and can soak up substances it comes into contact with.  Since cleaning agents usually have harsh chemicals for your skin, it is always advisable not to clean with your bare hands.

Using the same rag everywhere

Remember that every time you use a rag on a surface, you are wiping off germs and bacteria from that area.  Using that same rag somewhere else without cleaning it is like transferring all that dirt to another area.  Always make sure to use clean rags.

Using a feather duster when cleaning

Using a feather duster when cleaning will only spread dust around.  Microfibre cloths are by far the better alternative.  With their tiny fibres clinging to the dirt and picking bacteria up, they provide an easier and more efficient clean.

Not sanitising your sponges

Since sponges are usually wet, they are a great breeding ground for bacteria.  Always remember that they need to be sanitised every few days and replaced every month.  To sanitise, soak your sponge in water and microwave on high for 1 minute.

Washing windows when it’s sunny

Washing the windows when it’s sunny can cause your cleaner to dry up faster than you can finish cleaning, so it will leave streaks on your windows.  Clean those windows when the weather is fairly cool and cloudy.

Not cleaning your sink

Your sink needs to be cleaned every time you’re done washing the dishes.  Doing this ensures your sink to be germ-free.

 Using too much laundry detergent

Using too much laundry detergent can leave residue on clothes.  Always use the correct measurements for your laundry detergent when washing your clothes.

 Leaving off dishes in the sink

Always make sure to wash the dishes right after you put them in the sink.  Don’t wait until later to clean them up.  This helps keep your sink germ-free and clean.

Not cleaning door knobs and cabinet handles

Door knobs and cabinet handles are the most neglected part of the house.  People often seem to forget the need to clean these parts of the house. Imagine this:  when you were cooking, your greasy hands grab that handle to open the cupboard in order to retrieve some ingredients from the inside.  You easily leave grease and dirt on that handle.  Make a habit of cleaning those handles and knobs on a daily basis.

Overloading your dishwasher

You should always put in enough items in your dishwasher that can be handled otherwise your machine isn’t going to run an efficient clean.  So next time you’re tempted, avoid cramming in too much in the dishwasher and run a few items via the kitchen sink.


If you have any other cleaning mistakes to include, send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll add the best ones. We’d love to hear from you!

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