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Move In/Move Out

from £41.44

from £77.35

from £149.60

A light clean for the most important areas of your home

A thorough clean of your whole home, recommended for first time customers

An end of tenancy clean or for when you have just moved in or out

  • Empty bin(s)

  • Vacuum and mop floors

  • Dust upper surfaces

  • Clean counter tops

  • Wipe appliances (outside)

  • Wipe kitchen cabinets (outside)

  • Clean sink

  • Clean hob

  • Scrub toilets

  • Fold and/or hang towels

  • Rinse and wipe bath tubs and/or showers

  • Wipe bathroom cabinets (outside)

  • Quick de-clutter of floors

  • Make beds

  • Clean mirrors

  • Remove cobwebs

Everything included in the standard clean plus:

  • Clean skirting boards

  • Clean/dust individual ornaments/knick-knacks

  • Clean light switches and door knobs

  • Clean doors/frames for fingerprints

  • Sanitise bins

  • Scrub tile grouting

  • Vacuum under bed

  • Dust/wipe down lampshades

  • Vacuum furniture and upholstery

Everything included in the Deep and Standard cleans plus:

  • Spot clean walls

  • Clean inside cabinets and drawers in Kitchen

  • Clean inside washing machine

  • Clean inside tumble-dryer

  • Clean inside cabinets and drawers in Bathroom

  • Clean inside cabinets and drawers in living and bedrooms

  • Clean inside wardrobes and cupboards in bedrooms

Please note: To protect the safety of our professionals, we cannot perform the following: cleaning that requires climbing on ladders, exterior windows, mould removal, deep stain removal, insect and pest removal, cleaning pet mess and handling items that require heavy lifting.


Deep Carpet Cleaning Montpellier Maids soon realised the value our clients placed on being able to book this clean through us rather than organising separately through a specialist carpet cleaning company so we invested in professional cleaning equipment to ensure we could meet your requirements. This service is especially good for end of tenancy cleaning or when pets have had their happy run of the place!  (Please note, we do not offer a truck-mounted cleaning service at this time.)

Inside Window Cleaning Montpellier Maids will ensure not only the insides of your windows are sparkling but also the insides of the window frames are given a thorough clean too.

Oven Cleaning Montpellier Maids use safe cleaning methods and take every care to leave you with a spotless oven both inside and out.  (Please note, we do not offer a dip-tank cleaning service at this time.)

Fridge/Freezer Cleaning Montpellier Maids give the inside of your appliances a thorough clean, leaving them fresh and spotless for further use.  Please note, we do ask that you defrost the freezer prior to your cleaners’ arrival.

Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning Montpellier Maids clean inside your kitchen cabinets, removing any food debris and dust and ensuring they are fit for food storage.  This Extra comes as part of the End of Tenancy Clean or Move in/Move Out Clean where the cabinets are already empty.

Microwave Cleaning Your microwave is given a thorough clean inside and out and left safe for use after.  Montpellier Maids offer this as part of the End of Tenancy Clean or Move in/Move Out Clean.

Ironing Montpellier Maids started to offer this service after several requests from clients came in over a number of months.  Your cleaners will happily provide you with an hour or more of ironing upon booking this extra.

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